The Demand for High End Green Homes Continues

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Home Improvement

As more buyers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, more eco-friendly amenities are a must. 


A smart home automation system can help reduce the energy consumption by schedule lighting, heating, cooling, watering and washing allowing you to function in non-peak hours.   Items like a smart thermostat that will allow you to schedule the temperature and adjust remotely is one of the easiest and most common upgrades by home owners.   

Lighting can also be adjusted with the use of smart phone allowing you to set up lighting for a night of entertaining or for different moods. Depending on the bulb, you can use an application to switch smart lighting

Smart locks for home security allow you to open the door remotely or give a one time code to enter the property. 


This is a method that utilizes recycled raw materials and uses materials like Bamboo that grows much faster than trees, natural exposed wood, metal and brick.  In the reconstruction process there are some sizable improvements  such as R-15  wall insulation, installing tank-less water heater and energy efficient windows and doors.  In the deconstruction process it is important to recycling in order to  lower the foot-print impact by recycling replaced items such as old cabinets, granite counter tops, sink, tubes etc.


Solar technology is becoming more and more common.  Affordable innovations like Tesla’s solar panel roofs are usually chosen by luxury home buyers.  



About the Author: Beatriz Rocha is a real estate agent affiliated with Coldwell Banker who holds a Green Certification