Simple Tips For Staying Positive


We are living challenging times and things are hard for many of us in different ways.   I have set up a goal to spread kindness and stay positive especially during these times.

These are a few simple and effective ideas to keep up the spirit.

*  Get outdoors. Walk, garden, or just take time to reflect and smell the roses.

*  Use FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, or pick up the phone to check in on friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.

*  Listen to your favorite music

* Spread some kindness each day.  Give back – helping others helps you, too.

* Have a laugh! Share some jokes or funny videos to alleviate stress and lighten up with laughter.

* Be grateful. We all have something to be grateful for.  

* Schedule some downtime from social media and the latest headlines. Quiet time is essential.

And remember, today’s issues are temporary. I believe we can stay strong and persevere. Please feel free to contact me for any reason – whether you have real estate questions or you just need someone to talk to. We’ll get through this together!


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