Guide To Selling a Home

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Selling your home is a complicated process, but working with the right real estate agent is the key to a successful ad less stressful process. 

Step 1 — Pricing

Your agent prepares a comparative market analysis (CMA).  This is done based on the following parameters: 
- Review market conditions
- Review other homes on the market
- Discuss your home-sale goals
- Determine the optimal listing price

Step 2 — Preparing / Staging 

- Remove clutter and organize
- Clean and make repairs
- Stage your home for sale
- Consider a home protection plan
- Complete listing documents and disclosures
- Create a HomeBase® account to manage documents,
- deadlines and tasks

Step 3 — Marketing

- Install distinctive Coldwell Banker® yard sign
- Promote your home on the MLS
- Syndicate your home’s listing to up to 700 websites
- Promote via social media 
- Promote via TV advertising / Printed material / Real Estate Magazines
- Respond to online buyer inquiries through InTouch
- Arrange showings - Pre-qualify possible buyers
- Hold open house
- Communicate feedback
- Market your property via email and direct mail 
- Provide market updates

Step 4 - Appraisal / Inspection 

Appraisal:  Set the final asking price on your property based on this market value estimate. When you receive an offer on your home, the buyer's lender will require an official appraisal of the property from a licensed appraiser. This valuation helps assure the lender that they would own a marketable property if the buyer (or the borrower in the lender's eyes) should default on their mortgage. The buyer will pay for the house appraisal, but you should know that it may be different than the market analysis that was provided by your real estate agent.

 Inspections:  Most interested buyers will request a home inspection before the final sale. The goal of a home inspection is to give the buyer an objective, independent and comprehensive analysis of the physical condition of your property and check for any safety issues that might otherwise be unknowable. A professional inspector will check on the structure, construction, and mechanical systems of the house

You may be considering ordering an inspection of your home before we place your house on the market. Not knowing the full extent of potential problems until an offer is made by a buyer is a recipe for an ugly negotiation process

Step 5— Closing

- Evaluate offers and negotiate the best price and terms
- Coordinate closing date, time, location, and contacts
- Monitor buyer financing and home appraisal
- Follow up on details
- Review closing statement
- Close the sale
- Provide copies of all closing documents and enter into HomeBase. Your sale information will be saved for 7 years with Coldwell Banker for future references

Beatriz "Bea"  Rocha Real Estate Specialist affiliated with Coldwell Banker 

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